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Liliana Robins, the artists hand
Liliana Robins, foot drawing
Liliana Robins, paint tunnel
Liliana Robins, body painting

Foot Print (2016)

Live performative drawing at XOXO exhibition, Leeds.

Foot Drawing (2016)

Cyr Wheel Drawing (2015)

Collaboration with performer Micky Bimble. Using a Cyr Wheel to manipulate sugar into unique patterns.

Ink Socks (2015)

Wind Up Chick Drawing (2015)

Communication (2015)

Observation into how society has become obsessed with smart phones (man’s new best friend).

Expressive Painting (2015)

Using a canon to bomb paint onto the canvas.

The Artist's Hand (2015)

Focusing on the process and the tools the artist uses in order to create the final piece of work.

Smashing Jars (2015)

Homage to the Gutai Group.

Paint Tunnel (2014)

Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s famous saying “I am in my painting”. I wished to create this feeling for the viewers, by forming a painterly environment.

Body Painting (2014)

I wanted to know how Jackson Pollock felt when he spoke about being ‘in my painting’. So I took this word for word and placed myself in my painting, spreading the wet paint with my whole body.

Ravel, Unravel (2016)

Liliana Robins

the artists hand
expressive painting
smashing jars
paint tunnel
body painting
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