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Happening (2016), is a collaborative circus, art and sound piece, with Laura Cork and Eleanor Hooper. Aerial hoop artist Laura Cork, is counterweighted in a tall narrow 3 sided space made up of white fabric. She begins on the floor, wearing white and blending into the set. She begins her journey upwards from the floor, while sound artist Eleanor Hooper interprets the movement through live sound and voice. I am playing the role literally as ‘artist’ here; I throw paint down from above, painting the scene, first in black then colour. The piece depicts the story of birth and a challenging journey upwards and onwards.

As part of the project I created  video piece was made, with the purpose to capture the live event not as a document but as an artwork in its own right. This used a separate sound scape by Eleanor Hopper, made especially for the film.

Liliana Robins

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